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Hello, I'm Taylor!

I’m the graphic and brand designer behind Taylor’d by Design. I have a self-confessed obsession with elegant stationery, cleverly crafted logos, gorgeous paper stock and selecting products based entirely on their packaging design. In high school, I was the student who decorated my books, colour-coded my notes and spent hours perfecting the design of PowerPoints for my oral presentations.

This preoccupation for anything colourful and creative, along with my love of typography and branding is what ultimately led me to a career in graphic design. I have an innate passion for making things look attractive with a professional touch, producing elegantly simple design solutions that achieve a sophisticated and consistent aesthetic. I’m very detail oriented and a perfectionist by nature, which stimulates my desire to acquire new knowledge (Learn Spanish? Sure!) and continuously refine my creative skill set.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Interactive and Visual Design with a minor in Marketing, which enables me to utilise my knowledge of design and marketing theory to help clients tell their story through beautiful yet purposeful design. Currently based in Rockhampton, Central Queensland, I’ve been operating Taylor’d by Design since 2017 whilst also working in a range of other graphic design roles in private design studios, not-for-profit organisations and local government.

When I’m not designing or pursuing something creative, I can be found cooking, playing boardgames with friends, exercising in the great outdoors or road tripping to new places with my husband, Josh.

why taylor’d by design?

design ethos

It’s more than just wordplay, it’s the ethos by which I design. In a visually stimulating world where first impressions really do count, I believe that quality, purposeful design can work wonders for any brand, website, publication or project. As a designer, I take great pride in producing refined, professional design solutions that are ‘taylor’d’ to the needs of each client and provide the key to making that first impression last. With a firm belief that the true beauty of a design lies in its simplicity and that ‘good design’ is epitomised by more than just aesthetics, my designs are elegantly simple in style to achieve a perfect balance of function and form.

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branding and logo design


custom illustration

print design

publication and print design


typographic design

greeting cards

stationery design

wireframing and prototyping

web and interface design

web and interface design

social media

social media content creation

creative thinking

creative design thinking